Top 7 models of Mercedes Benz you must drive, while in Dubai

Top 7 models of Mercedes Benz you must drive, while in Dubai


Mercedes has a wide range of classy drives to offer for car enthusiasts. Dubai complies with the prowess and dynamicity of Mercedes in class and luxury. Here are some breathtaking, must drive Mercedes models for you to try on the lavishing streets of Dubai and UAE.

Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz

1- Mercedes Benz AMG 63 Luxury:


AMG 63 is a new face of the 600PS club. It’s one of the most hallowed names in the world of performance luxury sedans. It has upgraded from a coil spring suspension setup to an adaptive air suspension setup. The quality of such a ride mixed with roaring roads of

Top 7 models of Mercedes Benz you must drive, while in Dubai

Dubai is a treat in itself. So, if you are in Dubai, rent a Mercedes Benz AMG 63 and wonder in the wild.

Mercedes-Benz 63, was an introduction to the car enthusiast, everyone admired it’s beastly performance, roaring exhaust and sporty handling as much as it is revered for its comfort and luxury. The new generation E 63, tries to take that game a notch higher. It is, in fact, the most powerful E-Class ever which is quite a statement to make for what is one of the most popular luxury cars in the world.

2- Mercedes Benz C200 Luxury:

Mercedes Benz C200 luxury version comes with a more distinct avant-garde face with a bolder two-slat grille which houses a large Mercedes emblem. The front bumper design offers a broad view spectacle, including large flared-wing-like air dams and aero lip. But the main highlight is the complex layout of the full LED, adaptive headlights with delicately set Daytime Running Lights.

Top 7 models of Mercedes Benz you must drive, while in Dubai

The muscular sides’ show off prominent light reflecting character lines, intense wheel arches and a thin chrome strip that runs till the rear bumper. The details on the rare LED are equally impressive.


New gadgets include push-button start, an all-new steering wheel equipped with a host of buttons, a large tablet-like coloured TFT screen and a neatly sculpted touchpad on the centre console to navigate through the recently updated Command Online System which now comes with 3D maps. Mercedes are apt for the roads and conditions in Dubai. Rent a Mercedes Benz in Dubai and explore roads in style.




3- Mercedes Benz GTS Luxury:


The 2019 Mercedes-Benz GTS earns a spot in the top half of luxury sports car rankings in the world, because of its powerful engines, thrilling handling and elegant cabin. The engines are hand-built, twin-turbocharged V8s with horsepower ranging up to 630. Some Mercedes GT can sprint from zero to 60 mph in the just 3 seconds, which is one of the fastest times in the class.


GTS also has a refined cabin with user-friendly features. The feel for night drive experience is lifted to next level. Ignite the luminous streets, by Renting a Mercedes GTS in Dubai.

Top 7 models of Mercedes Benz you must drive, while in Dubai

The Coupe and Roadster versions are two-seat sports cars. The performance front bucket seats keep you in place when cornering hard but are also relaxing on long trips. In some configurations of the GT, you can get automatic dynamic side bolsters, which provide extra support to hold you in place around corners.

4- Mercedes Benz S class Luxury:

The epitome of luxury Mercedes S Class comes with upright front grille multi-beam LED headlamps, panoramic sunroof and LED crystal look tail lamps. Inside the cabin, the S class is equipped with Command Online System with touchpad and rear seat entertainment system.

Top 7 models of Mercedes Benz you must drive, while in Dubai

Fantastic new design, amazing interiors, good overall performance and loaded with future technology equipped with an automatic parking system. The De facto car for heads of state and businessmen worldwide just got a whole lot better. This is the new benchmark for most luxury cars worldwide.


5- Mercedes Benz SLS AMG:

The SLS AMG was mostly handmade and designed fully in-house by AMG. Seemingly to be the perfect blend of old and new. Driving this car on the road is an experience that will make you realize just how special the SLS AMG really is. When you look around there is nothing that looks like it and very little that can compete with it.

Top 7 models of Mercedes Benz you must drive, while in Dubai

Whether you’re driving through the city or winding your way through twisty dunes and country roads of Dubai, the SLS AMG has plenty of ways to win your affection. Rent a Mercedes Benz in Dubai, and feel the rush. The SLS AMG feels tight on the road and stable. There is no sense of vagueness to the feedback you receive from the steering and braking at high or low speeds and is surprisingly smooth around town.


6- Mercedes Benz GLC Coupe 43:


The 2019 Mercedes Benz GLC 43 comes with all-wheel drive as standard, along with the adaptive air suspension, Just about anyone will be impressed with the GLC after even a short spell behind the wheel. Direct steering and a smooth, serene, luxurious ride are complemented by a punchy engine. Factor in the quality cabin materials, the interior’s tranquility, plus the various safety features and this crossover is a year-round joy.

Top 7 models of Mercedes Benz you must drive, while in Dubai

The GLC 43 is not super-hot, but still flexes a satisfying amount of muscle. It accentuates talents in the chassis that are not so apparent with the smaller engine. Drive settings span from economical to Sport Plus and a personal customized mode. So things can be fun or family-friendly, all at the touch of a button. Take it out on rent in UAE.


7- Mercedes Benz SLK Roadster:

The third generation Mercedes aficionados were introduced in 2011. Like its predecessors, this new SLK was based on the Mercedes C-Class, but offered the two-door, two-seat roadster experience. You had a pretty simple choice when it came to specifications, with a standard trim level and the AMG Sport above it. The roadster is easily manoeuvred on the blazing roads of Dubai, so Rent a Mercedes Benz in Dubai and smoke up the roads.

Top 7 models of Mercedes Benz you must drive, while in Dubai

The SLK has always been a smart little car, although the first generation was a little bit goofy from the front and a bit of a wedge-shape overall. It’s evolved over time into quite a pretty thing with a rather purposeful stance, in part helped by the front end following design cues of the brand’s best-performing vehicles.



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